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Confiscated Items

Items that are confiscated will be given to the principal.  (This policy does not apply to items that violate the Education Code. Those violations will be handled according to Ed. Code Policy.) Bradley is not responsible for lost or stolen items after confiscation.
  • 1st time confiscated: Student may pick up item after school.
  • 2nd time confiscated: Parents must come to school and pick up item.
  • 3rd time confiscated: Student may not bring item to school and parent will need to come pick up the item.
  • 4th time and above: Student may be subject to suspension for defiance of school rules and the confiscated item will not be returned until the end of the school year.
Confiscated items may include, but are not limited too: Hats, spinners, toys, pokemon cards, cell phones, etc.