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Itching to get involved? Wanna help us build community? Consider running for a position on our board. See below. Elections will be at the April 14 meeting.
We Want YOU! Bradley Home and School Club is in need of your leadership! If you have some great ideas for our school we need you as part of the Home and School Club team. The HSC board helps plan and execute events and programs for our kids. We especially encourage bi-lingual volunteers. The following positions are available:
Vice President
Parent Volunteer Coordinator
Position descriptions are defined in the HSC Bylaws. Please download them here; they're on page 5, Article 5: Officers.


The success of Bradley Home and School Club’s efforts -- from planning special student & family events to raising funds for our school -- rely solely on volunteers. Our successes are a direct result of the commitment and collaboration between Bradley parents, families and faculty/staff.
There are so many opportunities for to get involved with the Bradley community and to be a part of continuing to make Bradley Elementary an amazing school. Would you like to help out in the classroom? Are you a great baker? Or a skilled seamstress, painter or handyman? Can you spare 15 minutes, or maybe an hour or two? Do you enjoy gardening? Do you like to take pictures? Perhaps you work and only have a little time available. We need you!!
Please consider making this pledge to our school and our students: to volunteer 2 hours of your time during this school year to help with any of our spirit or fundraising events, with take-home projects, or by helping us make volunteering fun through your unique strengths and talents. We welcome and appreciate volunteers at all levels of skill and commitment.
  • Become a Room Parent or school traffic volunteer
  • Take pictures at any of the functions for the school yearbook
  • Help the kids with their arcade games at the Spring Festival
  • Help cook or serve at the Spaghetti Dinner
  • Save your recyclables to raise funds for 6th grade Science Camp scholarships
  • Plant flowers for campus beautification
  • Have fun supervising activities at Field Day
  • Help students navigate their way through choosing an amazing variety
    of books at the Book Fair  
  • Collect “Box Tops for Education” or simply link your grocery cards
    to benefit our school
There are also so many personal benefits to volunteering with the HSC. Parent volunteers send the message to their children that they care about them and about their schools. Meeting other parents, learning more about the staff and how to help enhance your children's education are all things that can be gained from volunteering. In the end, your volunteering time shows Bradley students the importance of giving back. What a wonderful thing for us all to teach our children. 
We know today’s parents are busier than ever and just a couple of hours of your time can make a huge difference in the Home and School Club’s goal to enrich all of our students’ educational experience.
"Grandma Esther" Ura!

"Grandma Esther" Ura!

"Grandma Esther" Ura

KSBW Jefferson Award Winner

Our school's most dedicated volunteer has received the prestigious Jefferson Award for community service and volunteerism. KSBW featured her story - you can read about it here. Thank you "Grandma Esther" for your tireless dedication and hours of support for the staff and students of Bradley School!