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Dress Guidelines

Dress Guidelines



Students are expected to dress appropriately, maintain personal hygiene, and be properly groomed for school. Student dress and grooming does have an effect on behavior and attitude toward the learning environment. Student dress and/or a distracting appearance cannot be allowed to disrupt the educational program of the school.


Inappropriate dress would include, but is not limited to, such items as midriff tops, sagging pants, mini shorts, mini skirts, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, etc. In addition, the following dress items are not allowed: any garment with an alcohol or drug message or logo, any garment displaying profanity, any garment displaying gang numbers or symbols, steel-toed or any shoe which would be inappropriate for P.E./recess activities. Head covers (hats, caps) may only be worn on the playground.


Any attire or grooming habit deemed inappropriate will be called to the attention of the parents. Parents may be asked to bring other clothes to school if their child is dressed inappropriately. Students in violation of these guidelines will be warned and reminded to follow school regulations. Students who still fail to comply with these guidelines will be suspended. The Principal may make exceptions based on medical, religious or other considerations.

For further information regarding the dress code, please call or email your school office or administrator at 728-6366 .