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Computer Lab

The computing education program focuses on using the computer as another medium to teach and learn. Students work at computers in cooperative teams, and what they learn is an extension of what they learn in their classroom. In the lab, students practice and extend the knowledge, skills and strategies they are learning in subjects from language arts and math to music and art, by working on long-term projects that require planning, evaluation and revision along the way. The creation of the computer lab was accomplished as part of a school construction addition in 1991. The Home & School Club and private donors have provided funds for purchasing and updating equipment. Current objectives of the school technology plan are:

•  Using technology to promote the development of students' higher order thinking skills

•  Providing technology as a viable educational resource for staff, including training for staff so that they can successfully integrate technology into their classrooms

•  Utilizing technology to facilitate increased communication both within and outside the school site, including networking all of the schools computers, integrating the LAN and WAN, and access to the internet for staff and students


Internet use on our campus will strictly follow the guidelines of Board Policy #6161.3 issued

September 9, 1998 . A campus internet use agreement must be signed each year by both parent and student before using the internet at school. Access to the internet is for educational purposes only, and a protective “firewall” will be maintained by district technicians to limit access to appropriate websites. Any violations of guidelines set forth in the internet use agreement will result in loss of privileges and possibly more severe disciplinary actions.