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Advance After School Progam

The ADVANCE program here at Bradley is in it's 12th year.  Our program has two components:

A computer-based reading programs, Lexia, Accelerated Reading, Newsela and Free Rice, all run in the computer lab to build reading comprehension skills. Students also use the Quickreads reading books to assist in comprehension skills.  Also the use of Manga High Math program to build on Math skills.

Homework support. 

Students grades 3-6 who have low reading scores in the California Standards Tests are invited to join the ADVANCE program which is held for 2 hours and  15 minutes on  Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Our program has shown great improvement in Bradley students' reading comprehension skills and their CST scores over the last 6 years. Our program's goal is to see students ADVANCE in their reading skills. We currently provide support for 80-100 students. Students have a snack and recess/Physical Education after the first hour of the program. Our staff consists of 6 credentialed classroom teachers, who provide our student's with the proper instruction in reading and assistance in thier homework. We work with the classroom teacher to support their teaching.

Bradley students also use the Accelerated Reader program to take quizzes on books read.

For assistance in math, our program uses the District's computer Math Program-- Manga High. This web based math program strengthens the students math skills with a wide variety of math strategies. It also provides competition between other schools world wide who participate in Fai-To's.

Limited transportation is provided for Bradley students. 

For information regarding this program, please call 728-6366 Main Office or the Computer Lab at 728-6222 and ask for Program Coordinator/Head Teacher Diane Bury. ADVANCE Staff:  Lisa Cedarblade, MaryEllen Golbeck, Jennifer Goodheart, and Diane Bury for the 2013-2014 school year.