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Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

Second grade at Bradley School begins the chapter of academic rigor and excellence.  Students move from learning to read to reading to learn.  Our second graders are expected to read fluently and accurately, while maintaining comprehension and understanding.  This is no easy feat.  But, through partnerships created with our parents, daily practice at school and home, and monthly running records, our students have many successes each year.  Writing is incorporated throughout cross-curricular subject matter, and our teachers are all trained and are utilizing the Step Up to Writing strategies and scaffolds to move our students forward.

Mathematics is also a big part of our day.  It is studied and used in all aspects of our day.  For example: morning calendar, telling time, money values, skip counting and basic addition/subtraction facts are just a few to mention.  We then make sure that students are able to use problem solving strategies when reading math word problems, analyzing charts and graphs, and explaining their thinking.  All of these skills are then applied to Science and Social Studies. 

We 2nd grade teachers are committed to helping all students succeed and show progress.  We are not only colleagues, but also friends!  We hope that this shows when you come and see the great work we do for you and your children.