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Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Now in the heart of the 4th grade curriculum, students are mastering multiplication of multi-digit numbers, and long division steps/strategies. Those who know their multiplication facts are having an easier time than those who still need that mastery. Five minutes of practice daily is all it takes!

California is joining the union, soon to become the 31st state in the United States! 4th grade Social Studies then turns its attention to the details of the gold rush, and the expansion of the west.

With the state writing test looming on the horizon (March), students are working on perfecting their writing techniques, using their World of Language texts to practice and master grammar and usage rules (the conventions of language writing). Your support with editing at home makes a world of difference in their final copies!

Recorder classes continue throughout the year, culmination with our Open House in May. Daily practice is essential to their success.




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