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Community Update 091420
Posted 9/13/20

Community Update 09/14/20

School Item Distribution

Monday 9/14 from 7-9am and 3-5pm - In the cafeteria

Students do not need to attend the distribution. Your teacher will post whether or not you have items to pick up.

Please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing


Important Information-


Dear Community,

All of us, teachers, school staff, parents, guardians, and students are working extremely hard during this unprecedented time. Teachers and staff are putting in countless hours to prepare online lessons, packets, materials, and are constantly researching ways to deliver the best instruction. Parents, guardians, and students are also putting in countless hours, learning, guiding at home, and also researching the best ways to learn online. We feel very appreciative of the support our Bradley parents are providing for students.

It is important, however, to remember a few things to help everything run smoothly.


  1. Please remember the daily Google meet is your student's class time. We ask that you please be mindful of interruptions during the virtual classroom. Please hold questions and comments for the teacher until after class time hours. We appreciate the assistance you provide your student, but please do not take over for them in the classroom. As you would during physical school, if you have concerns, questions, or praise for a teacher, please contact them outside of the virtual classroom hours. They can be reached by email, by calling the school, or some teachers have given numbers to text them. Please remember that teachers are receiving more email than usual, so it sometimes takes a day or two to respond. Some students, particularly the younger students may need more assistance and as a parent or guardian, you will have to determine how much assistance is needed and determine how to support them while keeping the best learning environment for all students in the classroom.

  2. As stated above, teachers and staff are working hard to create comprehensive lessons and supply the materials needed for each lesson. They are placing lists in their google classrooms, creating weekly planners, responding to emails, and sending home weekly updates with needed materials. There may be days where students may not have the materials or something does not go as planned for teachers. This is all ok. We ask for understanding and flexibility as we are all working hard to adjust when things don't go as planned. I encourage you to continue to check the google classroom, weekly planner, emails, and pick up appropriate materials on Mondays. 


Again, we are all in this together. We all will continue to work on our patience and perseverance. Thank you for your support, we hope to continue adjusting our efforts so we can take on this challenge and complete it successfully.


Go Bears!

Mr. Saxton